Good Packaging Design

Good packaging design makes a difference!

Surveys show that:

  • More than 70% of all purchases are unplanned in advance.
  • 90% of the products selected are purchased by consumers who make up their minds in less than three seconds.
  • 80% of household purchasing decisions are made by women.


If a packaging design has also been developed to have functional benefits for the user, this can increase sales considerably without any other communications efforts.

More and more food and non-food producers need to recognise that traditional packaging designs struggle to achieve the necessary penetration in the retail trade. All too many products are either just as good or indifferent, simply because the selection is wide, and consumer loyalty is steadily declining.

Today’s consumers are highly individualistic with different reactions and priorities when making purchases. In one purchase situation on one day they may prioritise fair trade and organics, while on another day low price is the most important parameter.

Therefore, a good packaging design is very much a question both of attracting the consumer’s attention and of emitting signals which appeal to consumers’ self-perceptions and personal staging at the time of purchasing.

Many products are rejected because the packaging design aims too widely and is therefore perceived as dull. A powerful packaging design creates attention and brands both the product and its (unique) properties with clear signals that will make the product attractive enough in the eyes of the selected target group to put it in their shopping baskets.

Many of our customers have found that a good product with a clearly defined target group and a new and thoroughly processed packaging design can completely revitalise sales both with regard to sales to chain stores and sales from shops.

Many years of collaboration with purchasers from various chain stores have taught us that a good product with a mediocre packaging design will seldom be bought up by them. Therefore, Pack Design can also act as a sparring partner when making sales “to and from stores”. We have wide experience of carrying out sales campaigns aimed at buyers in individual stores while we also work on developing POS materials, all based on the product’s packaging design.