Mette Reimer & Peter Reimer

Pack Design is managed by Mette and Peter Reimer.

For more than 20 years, owner and creative director Mette H. Reimer has worked professionally on packaging design for private labels and brands.

In addition to the years she has spent at a variety of packaging design agencies, for eight years she worked on packaging design for Dansk Supermarked. Here, in close collaboration with purchasers from Føtex, Bilka and Netto, she developed packaging designs and product strategies for a large number of extremely successful private label series in both the food and non-food areas.

Mette started Pack Design in 2000 as a highly specialised drawing office dedicated to the whole packaging design process from idea to completion and technical consultancy in connection with the finished product and sales to and from chain stores.

In contrast to most other members of the profession, we are also familiar with the retail trade and are thoroughly familiar with its rules. This gives Pack Design a unique starting point when it comes to advising our customers, which include both chain stores and producers.

As communications consultant and CEO/partner at an advertising agency, owner and contact manager Peter Reimer has worked with concept development, FMCG branding and packaging design both for food and non-food brands for more than 20 years. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of essentially all forms of marketing disciplines including new media and strategic marketing advice for a large number of domestic and international companies. Among other things Peter has previously worked with medicinal products, chain marketing, personal care products, animal feed, petrol, lamps, timber houses, cars and kitchens, flower foam, money and travel, grills and matches, furniture and plumbing and much, much more.