Does your product stand out from the crowd? In the retail trade the purchasing situation may be summed up in just a few words: “Get (the customer’s attention) or get off the shelf”. That is the harsh reality. So producers can seldom afford to allow faulty perceptions of products or to send out confusing signals.

Is your product attracting the necessary attention of consumers and buyers?

Can your product go the distance in a harsh competitive environment with a wide assortment of goods, a squeeze on prices, with the number of private labels growing and consumer loyalty waning? You need to be aware of the product’s strong and weak sides.

We at Pack Design always develop packaging designs which, in form and content, consciously appeal to a clearly defined group of consumers. Targeting packages attracts the greatest attention and reaps the best sales results. Moreover, the packaging design must, of course, be harmonised to the sales channel and competitive environment it finds itself in.

Can a good packaging design save a poor product? No, absolutely not! But, on the other hand, an honest packaging design can strengthen a product within its own product category.

When all is said and done, secondary sales depend on an affinity between expectations and price.

We are passionate about what we do at Pack Design. Good packaging design makes a difference. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are curious or would like sparring about an existing or new product.